At the end of the day, everybody desires to create something. They want to forge friendships, generate business, concoct a scrumptious recipe, or conceive of a new scientific theory. People want to have something tangible to look back at and feel a sense of accomplishment. Photo and video capture epitomizes this human predisposition. Cambiguous Productions began our pursuits 10 years ago as a means of relating to people through imagery and sound.  We create content not to make money, instead we make money to create more content. The result is a team of videographers and photographers who are driven not for the outcome, but for the process. Creation consumes us.

Why the name?


Many photographers choose to document only certain visuals, such as landscapes, architecture, sports, or portraiture, and through specialization these photographers become particularly adept in one area of concentration. This has it's benefits but it also has it's detriments, specifically when examined from a systems level of analysis. The most resilient systems, whether social or ecological, require a high degree of diversity for optimal functioning. When understood with relation to photography this is a theory of Visual Darwinism, so to speak. Charles Darwin popularized the notion that diversity brings about innovation and communion, and more broadly system resiliency, two elements central to standing out as a visual artist. A photographer or videographer must be able to relate to people on a communal level, but he/she must also be able to adapt and innovate in order to survive amongst the sea of other talented artists. Our planet is characterized by a high degree of interconnectedness, thus we at Cambiguous document all people and places, in ambiguous manor, to better understand the symbiotic nature of life as we know it. Let us get to know you and we guarantee we can deliver a truly exceptional product for you or your business.                   

What is Cambiguous?


Video Is My Voice

    I'm Mike Morash, owner and lead content creator of Cambiguous Productions, a filmmaking and photography company based on Vancouver Island, BC. I attend the University of Victoria part time, pursuing a major in Political Science, and a double minor in Technology in Society and Environmental Studies. My creative pursuits began at the age of 13, when I took the first pay cheque from my new job to buy a video camera. Now 10 years later, the knowledge and skills i've accumulated propelled me into an industry that I truly love and respect. Known for unique perspective and ambiguity in subject matter, my objective is to represent the distinct individuality of each person, place, or business I shoot, adding a vibrant narrative to every day mediocrity.