Last August the team here at Cambiguous had the opportunity to create a video and photo look book for their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The company owner expressed that he wanted a southern Arizona or New Mexico feel to the shoot, so we drove out to an arid area of Colwood, just outside of Victoria. This location seemed particularly suiting as the dirt was so dry that only long grass and shrubs could survive, so it had sort of a desert feel. Not surprisingly, this desert feel was especially hard to find given Vancouver Island's high annual precipitation levels. Another element that we wanted incorporated in the shoot is unity. Elgami's owner and I both have backgrounds in System's Theory, which is an area of study that relies heavily on diversity and communion as fundamental characteristics of social and ecological resiliency. To symbolize this unity we had two combatting teams of girls, one black and the other white, with each respective member carrying a unique colour of smoke to come together forming a rainbow. 

Models: Cherise Johnson-Ferguson (left) / Roxy Feraru (right)                 Makeup: Meghan Rusk
Photographer: Luke Connor                                                                              Editor: Mike Morash

     This is my first blog post so bear with me, as I'm just getting acquainted with how to warm up one's readership, if in fact there is a readership at all. Today's post will be brief and strictly business, so we're reppin' Times New Roman up in here. Elgami clothing…what is it and why is it so effing alluring? Elgami is an apparel company that allows consumers to design multiple types of clothing, ranging from leggings to scarves, using its algorithmic design software. Users may also wield this incredibly intuitive software in the palm of their hands, as the Elgami app is now available for download on Apple and Android devices. 

​February 23rd, 2015 - Elgami Clothing F/W Look Book

      Elgami isn't slowing down with their media efforts either. Only five short months after the release of their first video they came back to Cambiguous looking to put out more visually striking content. We're currently in the production phase of their UDesign app commercial, which will finish post-production in early March. To check out more of Elgami clothing head to the links provided below.